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Coin Collecting 101: What Type of Coin Should You Collect?

Coin Collecting 101: What Type of Coin Should You Collect?

Coin collecting is a fun hobby to start and the thrill of hunting for old coins is enough for many people to continue doing it. Other people consider coin collecting an investment, something they can receive a profit from. If you are one of those people, then you can find several types of coins in this article that will help you determine what others are looking for.

Most coin collectors will look for only a specific kind of coin that will make their collection more valuable and interesting to buyers. Others are collecting for sentimentality and are looking more at the coin’s uniqueness.

Series collectors are those looking for a series of coins that mark every year and every design change made in that coin.

Type collectors are those people who are looking to get one of each coin where there were/are changes made.

Ancient coin collectors are those people looking for coins spanning the years 650 BC – 450 AD. This is the time when coins were invented and there were silver, gold and bronze versions made. It also marks the time when Roman emperors were the rulers and most of them feature famous Roman emperors, Roman towns, or gods.

Token collectors are those who are looking for different kinds of tokens that were used in exchange for real money when there was a lack of coins. These tokens were used as local currency even if the government had not given permission for them to be used.

Coins are also graded. A coin’s grading depends on its condition and the price of the coin will rely heavily on that grade. It is important for a coin collector to know how to grade a coin to make sure that he is not swindled by individuals looking for a quick profit.

“Uncirculated” coins are those coins that are not showing any wear and tear or to referred to as “in mint condition”. A mint state (MS) grading depends on a coin’s luster, contact marks, hair lines and overall appeal. A coin can have a grade ranging from MS-60 (dull luster) to a flawless MS-70. Although MS-70 is considered unobtainable, a grade of MS-65 and higher will make a coin’s price shoot up.

Circulated coins are more forgiving, they do not take into consideration the amount of scratches and dirt a coin has gathered along the years. Grades for circulated coins will vary. AU (about “uncirculated”), EF (extremely fine), VF (very fine), F (fine), VG (very good), G (good), AG (about good), F-2 (fair) and P (poor) are used as indication of how much a coin is worth.

These grades are dependent on a circulated coin’s luster, visible wear, design elements and visibility of letters and numerals. Unlike “uncirculated” coin’s grades, these grades do not dramatically lower a coin’s value. This is wonderful for people who are looking just to complete a collection and do not care about a coin’s mint condition.

Pricing of a coin will usually be determined by a coin’s supply and demand. Very low supply and very high demand will make a coin’s price higher; however, high supplies of the coins will depreciate a coin’s value.

Demand is usually established by coin dealers where they take into consideration the number of people wanting to buy or sell the coins. Once a coin becomes difficult to find, coin dealers will usually make its price higher so that people are inclined to sell extra copies of their coins.

Grading and pricing a coin usually takes a lot of experience to master. Although there are several tips and guidelines to look for in grading a coin, only professional dealers have the final say on how much a coin is worth. It does not hurt to know this grading is done and why your coin was graded differently from what you thought.

Coin collecting is not really about investment, it should be a fun and thrilling hobby. While the overall goal of a coin collector is to complete a set of coins, learning what to look for in a coin is important to make sure that no one can take advantage of your need to complete a particular set.

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Coin And Stamp Collecting: Overview

Coin And Stamp Collecting: Overview

There are as many different combinations of interests as there are different people in the world. For this reason, hobbies and the approach people take to them varies just as widely. The important point in choosing a hobby is that it is able to grow and adapt as the person exploring it grows and adapts. This is why many people interested in collecting opt to collect stamps or coins.

Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is more than simply gathering up a large amount of stamps. It can include anything related to stamps, such as items relevant to the mail system, special or unique envelopes, and much more. Stamps showcase more than merely aesthetically pleasing pictures and illustrations. Important figures, historical and cultural events and artworks have all been featured in the stamp. This gives the hobby more relevance and significance to the collector, as well as diversifying the hobby immeasurably. A collector can specialize in incredibly specific fields or spread their collection over any number of interests, themes, or periods.

Stamp collecting is often referred to as philately, but there is an important distinction to be made. Philately is the collection and study of stamps, postmarks, and related materials. There are many more collectors than philatelists, but most philatelists start out as simple collectors and develop a passion for the study of their hobby.

Coin Collecting

While coin collecting is primarily concerned with the study and collection of coins it can also involve paper money. Coin collecting is also known as numismatics, taken from the Greek word nomisma, meaning coin. Numismatics can, however, include the collection or study of medals.

Throughout history coins have had value, some remarkably high. Not only can they represent a specific value, they have their own intrinsic value. Each coin contains an amount of gold, silver or other (typically valuable) substance. This can make the hobby particularly expensive, especially if it involves older coins, as these are not only more likely to contain higher contents of precious metals, but due to their age and often rarity can represent a value far beyond their metals alone.

The trend in modern times in most nations is to replace the old coins with new ones made of inexpensive metals. Thus today the coins in circulation have little to no intrinsic value anymore. They serve merely as a representative of value.

The coin collector must be cautious in the practice of their hobby. As a serious hobby it is not all about simply collecting every different coin that you come across. The coin must be significant in some way to be worth adding to a collection. Part of the hobby of coin collecting is physically examining the coin to determine grade, find blemishes or other detractions, and verify the coin’s authenticity. This allows the value and/or significance of the coin to be accurately evaluated.

The first step upon obtaining a new acquisition is to identify the coin. The country of origin and face value of the piece must be determined. If it lacks a denomination the coin may be merely a token. An expert is often required to determine the authenticity of a coin, particularly if an authentic example would prove especially valuable. Many coin collectors have been duped by clever forgeries, dealing devastating blows not only to the collector’s finances, but their reputation and self-esteem. Even the most seasoned collector should, for this reason, consult with one or more experts before purchasing any particularly expensive coin.

The overall condition of a coin is summarized by its grade. The grade will play the largest role in determining the coin’s market price. Proper cleaning without damaging the coin is therefore an important aspect of the hobby. A coin that has been used as currency will usually end up damaged in any number of ways, none of them pleasing to the eye or the collector. Coins in a collection should be kept clean and safe from harm.

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The History Of Coin Collecting

The History Of Coin Collecting

Origin of Coins and Numismatists

The hobby of coin collecting has presently taken an extraordinarily unique shape. Every day hundreds of new collectors are joining the numismatic community. The total numismatist population worldwide has quickly surpassed a few million. The experts are professional collectors, but it can be said with guarantee that a great section of the newcomers are entering the world merely as casual collectors of coins.

This article discusses interesting facts about coins and numismatology. The hobby of coin collection started with the minting of the first set of coins in Asia Minor nearly 650 BC, prior to which there were gold and silver ingots for legitimate use for the tenders. During those historical periods, businesses were based on a typical barter system, where in each transaction the goods were exchanged with the carefully weighed precious metal – especially gold or silver, since coins were not yet in use.

Unscrupulous dealers tried to steal things by passing out a lower quantity of metals. Therefore there was a desperate need to bring about certain alterations in the socio-economic conditions, which consequently lead to form stronger governments with more effective statutory regulations. Coins then came into existence and were printed on the basis of the standardized weights of the precious gold. Within the next century the idea of coins became the principle medium of business.

Vivid History of Numismatics

The coins of a nation are perhaps the most appropriate items available to provide the best perspective of a nation – being the most admired treasure of the nation’s historical, social, and economic information. This is one of the most popular reasons why people get started in collecting both domestic and world coins.

In the modern day, the activity of numismatics is considered the collection of a wide range of artistic works of the past, and simultaneously the act of collecting the valuable legal tenders. Researchers have worked long and hard to conclude that the act of collecting coins was started by the father of the Renaissance – Francesco Petrarca, who has also written certain facts about his collections.

The popes during the Renaissance period were very interested in this hobby, gradually turned into a passion, and they collected coins for the art and value. However, evidence has also been unearthed regarding the fact that the Roman emperors used to pay prices higher than the face value for the coins that were not in circulation. Numismatology is actually the “hobby of kings” – a title given by those enthusiastic renaissance kings.

To summarize, the hobby of coin collecting has presently taken a very interesting direction. This article discusses interesting ideas and information about coin collecting and numismatics. Coin collecting as a hobby started with the minting of the first set of coins in Asia around 650 BC, prior to which there were gold and silver ingots commonly used for trading among vendors and customers. Within the next century the coins replaced other forms of barter and became the principle medium of transacting business. Popes during the Renaissance period were very interested in collecting coins as a hobby, which gradually turned into a passion. Eventually, they collected coins for the art and the value of the investment.

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Selecting the Coin Fit for The Collections

Selecting the Coin Fit for The Collections

A collector might select certain requirements whenever
it comes to his coin collections. If a coin collector
is new inside the company, it is very a custom to commence at
the beginning. We can’t simply flip a coin plus
choose the outcome, though, which is the last
resort. Alright, thus down with all the real thing. You are able to
select a collection based about a choice. Are
we the silver, bronze, or gold kind of individual? How
older do we like the coin to be? In what period?

Best advice: begin at what interests we. Next gather
it by the following:

Date or Period of Time

Coin collectors whom see their collection because an
investment would like coins which are elder
than their grandfathers. The more historic the coin,
the greater. Aside from being centuries aged, there are
furthermore Revolutionary coins plus those which came from
another amount of time in history. Many folks might commence by
building up years of coin which embraces Mint


If you have decided to gather any coin for because
long because it came from different nations internationally,
which will be tiring nevertheless exciting. And it will expense we
a lot. So points wouldn’t be exhausting, we may
begin off by collecting coins of the own nation.
After which, should you absolutely have enough funds, we
might drop with a coin store plus ask when there are any
coins from outside the nation then go to the upcoming or
only gather it inside 1 blow.


If you’re a novice, we wouldn’t wish To commence
collecting silver or gold coins for these are the
types of coins which could bore a hold inside the
pocket. Better settle with all the lower metal degrees
initially. Not except revenue is not a issue. Usually, the
concern about what type of metal to select belongs to the
more expert collector. Aside from being a
challenging collection, it puts we inside a great deal of dangers.

By this time you might absolutely have an idea about where to
begin. As the hr glass makes its due, you’ll
become more interested plus selective of the kinds of
coins which fits a album. We may develop regions
which you might not discover inside additional collectors.

We nevertheless should recognize certain requirements regarding the
types of coins which you’ll gather.


We have watched an average coin, its attributes wouldn’t
be different within the older 1 considering usually, new
coins are really patterned from older coins. We need to
examine when the composing found on the coin continues to be obvious. A
coin wherein the smallest details, like feathers or
robe folds, are completely used away is of small


Means discoloration or tarnishing, toning may strengthen
the coin’s value. Believe it or not, when a blue tone is
present about a silver coin, it may be truly desirable.
Toning has an impact on a coin’s details for it could
highlight its faded attributes. For because lengthy because the tone of
the coin wouldn’t come out uneven, there’s no cause
to refuse it.

Wear n’ rip

Should you have been inside coin stores which are providing
deal coins, it may be considering it was into a
great deal of circulations as well as the marketplace has absolutely
denied it. We might see certain types of
scratches an even scarring which is caused by
chemicals. Scratches is acceptable yet scarring is
a no-no. Chemical scarring is associated to
deterioration, pits, etc. As much because potential, create a
coin collections spotless.

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Canadian Coin Collecting: Pleasures vs. Treasures

Canadian Coin Collecting: Pleasures vs. Treasures

In Canada where revenue the recognition of coins has shown noticeable heighten considering the worth of the “paper money” seems to deflate because much because 25% to 30% inside a brief time period.

For this cause, coin producers inside Canada began generating different types of coins to substitute the worth which was lost inside the depreciation of paper revenue. Gold continues to thrive inside many kinds of coins plus their value continues to strengthen.

Coins function because strong emblems of the nation’s history. Canada has gained value by producing Canadian coins serve because a signifies of financial exchange along with a source of historic enrichment.

Many coin collectors are enticed to test Canadian coin collecting. They recognize which collecting these Canadian treasures not just provide them great diversion nevertheless may equally offer them with more value inside the future.

So for those that sought to commence collecting Canadian coins, here is a list of certain methods to receive we started:

1. Do the homework

Like in almost any venture you need to do a homework before we commence collecting coins. Try to analysis how Canada manufactures their coins.

Discover the history of coins and just how they could provide terrific chances to make a profit at the same time be a satisfying pastime.

2. Finders keepers

To commence the ball rolling, try to receive because several coins or tokens as possible obtain without to invest a remarkable amount cash. Your parents or the grandparents might have several coins which they kept considering they didn’t hold any financial value at which time.

3. Utilize several guides

Coin collecting is not a complicated activity yet it is very not which effortless either. We would want certain references which usually guide we inside selecting the types of Canadian coins to gather.

You are able to refer to “Haxby’s Coins of Canada” or additional brochures which may offer adequate info regarding Canadian coin collecting.

4. Love plus have fun

The idea of coin collecting is to not receive the many pricey as well as the rarest coins to discover. What matters many is the fact that we enjoy what we do plus you are impressed by the types of coins you are capable to get.

Coin collecting may differ from 1 destination to another however, Canadian coin collecting is certain to provide a hobbyist remarkable fun and not simply mere treasures.

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Coin Collection – The Art Of Numismatics

Coin Collection – The Art Of Numismatics

The initial recognized coin collector was Petrarch, that lived technique back inside the 15th century. A century later, Hubert Goltz visited a amount of coin collectors throughout Europe plus estimated that have been around 960 collections inside total. Numismatics slowly became a favorite pastime of royalty. Francis I of Austria wrote regarding his assortment of gold coins inside 1756. The British Museum established among the initially coin catalogues. From this have appeared over 100 magazines committed to coin collecting.

Today the term coin pertains to standard matter, commemorative or presentation pieces duly authorized by the federal mint. This excludes coins privately minted coins. The most commonly known substances chosen inside generating coins are gold, silver, copper plus nickel. Alloys, like copper plus nickel, are equally employed to make coins, including the US 25 cent part, which are cheaper to make than single metal coins.

There are numerous different kinds of coins for collecting. One could gather a certain denomination by date of matter, nation of problem, mink mark, proof sets, uncirculated condition, metal content, shape or mint mistakes. It is eventually as much as the collector to determine what to gather.

Once the collector has decided about that region to gather, it’s time to get going. One region which is prevalent now is the US state quarter. These are generally found frequently inside pocket change. Commercial booklets are accessible to shop the quarters. If a collector only wants all 50 state quarters, they are fairly convenient to locate. Because a lot of have been issued, the worth of circulated coins is low. Coins in circulation receive nicked, scratched plus otherwise used. To have a collection which usually grow inside value over time, a collector must consider uncirculated mint coins. These are accessible whenever a coin is initial introduced plus are not used in almost any method. Their value is high than coins inside circulation.

Coins issued inside different metals than the normal issues are moreover collectible. Before World War Two, pennies were minted inside copper. Whenever copper was required inside America’s war industries plus couldn’t be spared for coinage, the government authorized the utilization of steel to provide pennies. After the war, copper was again selected to make pennies, improving the worth of the steel pennies. Today, it costs over a dime of copper to create a cent.

Congress is exploring the utilization of additional metals to create pennies. Should this happen, the last copper pennies might grow inside value, because might the new pennies. Design changes will additionally affect the worth of the dime. For years, pennies with wheat designs found on the reverse side were issued. The shape was changed, therefore improving the worth of the older shape. A word of caution: all coin values are based on the accessibility of the coins plus their condition. Coins which are available or used can strengthen inside value over time, however, less much because mint, uncirculated types.

There are numerous places a coin collector may go to locate coins. There are coin clubs, dealers, online plus about tv auction websites, plus even firms which focus inside send purchase purchases. We don’t need to be wealthy to be a coin collector. Select a location of specialty plus then jump inside.

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The Exceptional Truth behind Rare Coin Collecting

The Exceptional Truth behind Rare Coin Collecting

Are you presently interested inside coin collecting? Get we ever tried collecting uncommon coins?

Today, coin collecting, particularly of those coins which are considered uncommon, is regarded as 1 of the some interests which are not only a mere hobby or leisure activity. Coin collecting will serve various reasons considered typical of the activity.

Coins have extended been well-known as functions of art as a result of the method the producers carefully engrave the designs found on the surface. Coins of the certain country frequently portray the history of which country with all the engraving of the shape found on the coin.

Few folks understand which coin collecting will equally be a successful venture. Rare coins which are very difficult to obtain are usually useful plus whenever found is a superior investment. The uncommon coin collection marketplace inside the United States has boosted their sales inside latest years from 348% to 1, 195%. According to the U.S. Rare Coin Market, the average cost of ,000 invested by an individual throughout the 1970s will be valued at virtually ,977 now.

What is the secret behind these uncommon coins which their value continues to strengthen with age?

Rare coins were capable to keep even if the economy is unstable. They have been capable to stabilize the riches of the country by serving because “inflation fighters.”

Experts contend which by these uncommon coins, the financial riches of the country is sheltered from potential damage by working because an investment much like “gold bullion”. This really is relevant throughout the occasions whenever the worth of the paper cash continues to depreciate.

The rarity of these coins is not constrained by being simply collector’s goods even so they will furthermore be considered a function of are plus merely like any function of art, can be priceless.

Rare coin collecting is not only like any different pastime. The concept of collecting these treasures is considered exceptional alone as well as the financial value will equal its distinctive character.

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Gold Coin Collecting

Gold Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is anything which dates back to the whenever coins were initial issued for trade. It was just inside the Middle Ages which persons turned this into a pastime due to the art function as well as the historic value.

Coin collecting now continues to be a pastime which people enjoy. The most valuable plus many pricey collections which anybody may ever have are those of gold coins. The many pricey gold coin ever purchased was value about 8 million $ . This was the American 1933 Gold Eagle. This really is why the collecting of gold coins deserves to be called the pastime of kings.

Gold coins were among the oldest types of income. This was later followed by silver coins. Gold coins were inside circulation inside the United States from 1838 to 1933. The shape was the Liberty Head bust however, this was just created till 1907. The shape was then changed to the Indian Head plus Saint Gaudens motifs plus was utilized till 1933 whenever the Great Depression began. This motivated the remember of gold coins that makes them quite difficult to obtain now.

Because these are no longer inside circulation, the cost for 1 of the uncommon commodity is very significant. Gold is today selected for alternative points including jewelry or bars which individuals retain because an investment.

South Africa minted its initially gold coin called the Krugerrand inside 1967. This coin has no face value however, just stands because a signal. It is made from 1 ounce of gold plus are available for investment reasons.

Since then alternative nations moreover minted bullion coins. Canada produced the Gold Maple Leaf inside 1979 plus Australia created the Nugget inside 1981. These 2 are more prevalent than the South African coin due to its 24 carat purity.

A great deal of folks retain gold now because an investment considering they speculate which the need usually result its marketplace value to grow. Others hold it because a shape of insurance must the financial condition become worse. There became a point inside time whenever the more paper revenue which was created, the high the cost of gold that maintained gold plus cash because equal value. After this standard ended inside 1971, this enabled government to provide more paper currency without improving the cost of gold.

Because gold coins will longer be chosen to buy products many coin collectors simply keep those to remember which folks when selected them.

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Central Bank Gold Buying Update / Eric Sprott’s Most Recent King World News Interview!

Russias gold reserves hit 911.3 tons at the end of May after the worlds largest nation increased its gold holdings by another 15.5 metric tons. Turkeys gold holding rose by 5.7 tonnes in May to total 245 tonnes.Ukraine and Kazakhstan also increased their holdings of the metal, Ukraines climbed 2.1 tons to 32.7 tons and Kazakhstan boosted reserves by 1.8 tons to 100 tons. moneybagsworld.blogspot.com The analysis and discussion provided by MoneyBags73 is for your education and entertainment purposes only, it is not recommended for trading purposes. I am not an investment adviser and information obtained here should not be taken for professional investment advice. The commentary on MoneyBags73s videos reflect the opinions of MoneyBags73. Your own due diligence is recommended before buying or selling any investments, securities, or precious metals.

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Silver and Gold Prices- Dip then Rise? Mike Maloney’s stance

May 13th update on my thoughts on silver and gold.

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