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ComputeCraft Slot Machine

My slot machine version 1.0. It uses a computercraft computer as a brain. It took me ~3 days to build this. Music is "Video Poker" By Rob Hubbard. Oh! I forgot to show how it rejects everything except gold bars. If you toss in something other than a gold bar, it tosses it back out at you :D

24 Responses to “ComputeCraft Slot Machine”

  1. CrispMuffin says:


  2. ross817 says:

    Not to say that this isn’t a cool design, of course.

  3. ross817 says:

    I don’t think that the average Minecraft player is dumb enough to gamble.

  4. The8Bitz says:

    8bit music :D :D  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  5. TangentDeltaLPHA says:

    8bit -_-

  6. Bitteneindanke says:

    The Original Ragtime Tune is by Scott Joplin and called "The Easy Winners".
    For everyone who likes the melody but hates this 16bit-sound.

  7. d3xterparkour says:

    :) )))))) yes…this too =)))))

  8. TangentDeltaLPHA says:

    I deserve a break!

  9. d3xterparkour says:


  10. EmPossibility says:

    can you make a tutorial for 1.1?

  11. MystakeSeGueMun says:

    Me too!

  12. Duffie Shirayuki says:

    I liked the music. D:

  13. 554danny says:

    Right now, i’m viewer 20,000.

  14. DaaviiApps1 says:

    Nice!! Now go do it in vanilla minecraft

  15. Jadestonexxx says:

    Hey, Aint that a Gr8 ider

  16. Kaithapro says:


  17. Sonic9000Xtreme says:

    Sounds like a fu way to get peoples dimonds on your server… I demand a world seed… please?!

  18. RAiNfORAiNbOW says:


  19. PokemonFreak1479 says:

    hmmmmhmmmm hmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmhmmmmhmmmmmhmmmmmmhmmmm dodododododododododododod hmhmhmhmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmhmmmmmhmmmmhmmhmmmhmmmmmmmm

  20. SweetoBoyee says:

    …..circuits in minecraft. one day someone will write minecraft for computercraft in minecraft.. on a big screen because mods for minecraft are awesome xD

  21. TangentDeltaLPHA says:

    I’d put up the save, but I just screwed up the world be accidentally opening it in 1.2.3 >.<

  22. GuzsikDavid says:

    Just do it. (tick)

  23. MovieTristan says:

    I think this song is awesome xD

  24. willrandship says:

    It sounds…familiar. Not terrible, but not the best I’ve heard either :P


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